Traveller Tracking Services

Customer Care provides real-time traveller tracking services. This enables human resources managers or risk managers to locate all employees based on their flight and accommodation bookings.


Data is fed directly from the corporate travel agency into the tracking system providing the location of all travelling employees, real time. If an unexpected event occurs such as a terrorist attack, transport accident, civil uprising or natural disaster, the travel, HR or other senior managers and their emergency assistance provider can immediately see if any employees are at risk.


Searching by location, flight taken, hotel booked, Customer Care is able to contact all employees in a specific location immediately to ascertain their wellbeing and provide assistance as required.


Employees will receive situation updates via email or SMS based on their current location or where they are planning to travel to and can make alternative arrangements to avoid trouble spots if their personal safety could be at risk.


Organisations can tailor the application to trigger notifications should any of their specific guidelines by breeched such as the maximum number of staff travelling together on the same flight.


Customer Care’s traveller tracking service is provided in partnership with red24.