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The Customer Care team receives many emails, letters and thank you notes from the thousands of leisure and business travellers helped each year. All feedback published below is reproduced with their permission.


From Our Clients

In comparing Customer Care with other Emergency companies that we have done business with in the past, we have found the others do not have the same empathy towards our clients. Other companies are also very expensive to use and have carried out unnecessary and costly emergency evacuations.

- Managing Director, Large Corporate Underwriter, Australia



"Customer Care has the experience…a preparedness to share knowledge…and a team that partners key customers. This is very important and sets you apart. Your competition put spin on the process and talk it up but have limited on the ground experience."

- Manager Leisure Travel - Australian Insurer



"Customer Care has continually proven that it can provide a superior assistance service at a competitive cost – when our clients need it most, they deliver. We have held Customer Care in high esteem since April 2001. They provide reports to help us monitor the needs of our clients and at considerably less cost than other providers."

- National A&H Manager Australia, ACE Insurance



“Customer Care emergency assistance swung into action and arranged everything for us – a first class hospital in Shanghai, the ambulance to the hospital, an immediate hospital cost guarantee and a level of personal interest and care that was exceptional and unexpected.”

- Chairman, Dymocks



From Customers We Have Assisted

"Kate calmed me when I was beside myself over the situation, and the way she spoke to me and reassured me was fantastic. She made me feel secure knowing that someone with such compassion and efficiency was dealing with my situation."



"Thankyou very much for the evacuation from Vanuatu, it is difficult to describe the fear and angst that a person feels when they are sick in an overseas and foreign place without hope of proper medical attention."



"On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to congratulate and thank your emergency assistance team for the caring and professional way they dealt with all matters when our son, Daniel became critically ill in San Francisco."



"Outstanding service and amazing people – feeling safe to know that when in trouble we can rely on Customer Care for assistance – please keep up this level of service."



"I needed urgent medical information and help and you guys were just fantastic. The insurer used to use ISOS before. There is a very big difference with them and you guys. Just can’t thank you enough for the medical advice and support you gave."



"Can I say how wonderful you and your company have been. Firstly when I was stranded in an unknown country on my own and sick and injured your staff were so helpful and came and saved me from the terrible pain of travelling sitting upright when I had bruised my tail bone. I had no idea how I was going to get home. I am so impressed with how the staff went out of their way to help. I can’t thank you enough. I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone wanting to take out cover. Thank you so much! GREAT JOB!"



"I would like thank you and your team for all your assistance recently, I have successfully made it home much to my relief and not to mention that of my family. Your customer service was excellent and it was very re-assuring especially considering that I was on my own. I just want to make sure that all your efforts were greatly appreciated."



"My uncle would like to thank you for giving him support and giving him the chance to live. You were always there to assist him and his family we owe everything to you and for that we’re so thankful. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts."



"Our son caught dengue fever in Cambodia in early July. He contacted Customer Care after a number of days feeling very unwell. Right from that first contact the guidance and support that he received from the Customer Care staff was exceptional. The communication with the hospital, our son and ourselves was timely and very clear about the needed actions. He has mentioned to me several times how great Customer Care was. Once again, many thanks and you can be assured that this family praises Customer Care at every opportunity."



"May I commend your organisation for the obviously highly professional manner in which this medical evacuation occurred, and I will be grateful if you could kindly pass these comments on to the relevant members of your organisation."



"Thank you for all your consistent professional support during our time of need. All of the team there did an outstanding job, at assisting us to get Mum back safely, we are VERY fortunate and happy that Mum selected your company for insuring herself abroad. For peace of mind I will insist on your products next time I travel, thank you again God Bless you all!"



"This is a very small token to say thank you so much for everything you did for us while we were in Berlin. I am sorry that I was the sobbing mad woman when I spoke to you! We really appreciate how thoughtful and caring you have all been to us."



"In all I would like to once again thank your company for doing what it says it will, being there 24 hours a day, assisting and reassuring us in our time of need."



"This is just a note to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your kind support and your time you gave me and my son during the most difficult time in my life. The loss of my wife whilst we were en route to holiday with my son in New Zealand was so unexpected and a shock. I was in transit in a country not familiar to me and you took control of what you could to make sure my wellbeing was your priority. You went beyond your call of duty to help me. For this, I am eternally grateful. Your support and encouragement helped my son move forward with all the preparations for the repatriation and funeral. I sincerely hope that you accept my gratitude for all that you have done for me and my family. May God bless you and your family. Take care."



"In all I would like to once again thank your company for doing what it says it will, being there 24 hours a day, assisting and reassuring us in our time of need."



"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and all the team for the extraordinary lengths you went to in ensuring the safe return of my mother, Joanne Stevenson, after she broke her leg in the USA. At every step of the way I was kept informed and made to feel that all would be OK. Your support for what we were going through was amazing and I have been telling people how good the service is. Thank you again and please thank all the team."



"I wanted to express my thanks to you and your wonderful team in arranging my families’ safe return to Sydney. On the day of return I underwent surgery to repair the injury and also discovered that I did in fact have a Deep Vein Thrombosis in my left calf, all the precaution was worth the effort. All’s well and it’s now a matter of enduring the long “road to recovery”. The team at Chubb Assist were fantastic, incredibly professional in their approach and everything went according to plan. A big thanks to your Case Manager for her efforts in securing the shortest trip possible."



"Whilst overseas recently on training, I was hospitalised after a serious incident. A friend who was travelling with me contacted Ace Assistance. The medical staff on the phone were amazing. They called several times a day to ask me how I was feeling and to explain my injuries, so they could make sure when liaising with hospital staff that I was being treated correctly. I had 24x7 access to them - late one night I rang to ask them for information regarding a medication the hospital staff wanted to treat me with, and they answered all of my questions in a very respectful and professional manner. They could not have been more helpful in this time of need - no red tape or bureaucracy. This allowed me to concentrate on my recovery."