Onsite medical Services

Customer Care staff have extensive experience in establishing and managing medical facilities for remote sites in a wide range of industries including energy, mining and infrastructure.


This expertise has been built over many years of working with clients operating in remote sites around the world.



Where local medical care is sub standard or geographically inaccessible, Customer Care will provide medically trained personnel to provide onsite medical care for employees and their families.


Customer Care recruits nurses, doctors, paramedics and ancillary health providers and ensures their training is up to date. Medical staff deployed by Customer Care are fully supported by an experienced medical team in Australia, 24 hours a day.


Medical Audits

Whether setting up a new operation overseas or already working on a remote site or in a third world location, you need to ensure your employees have access to a high level of healthcare. With many years of experience and our partners and correspondents throughout the world, Customer Care can help with:

  • Review and assessment of local medical facilities
  • Transportation solutions – road ambulance, helicopter access, air ambulance locations and flight times, landing strips and commercial flight options
  • Safety and security
  • Health conditions including malaria and other risks.

Customer Care provides a comprehensive report along with our recommendation on the measures to be taken in order to ensure the health and safety of staff on site.


Medical equipment advice and supply

From a simple first aid kit to a fully equipped medical clinic or field hospital, Customer Care has the expertise to conduct a thorough site assessment and advice on the equipment required. All procurement, shipping, installation, ongoing maintenance and replenishment of consumables is managed by Customer Care.


Emergency response planning

Emergency response plans are essential to running a safe operation, especially in offshore and remote locations. Customer Care works with clients to develop emergency medical evacuation plans, security plans and staff training.


Plans can be tested regularly through drills and rehearsals co-ordinated by Customer Care.