Inbound Assistance Services

Based in Sydney, Australia, Customer Care is uniquely positioned to provide assistance services to visitors from around the world. With 100 full time staff and experienced Australian trained nurses, doctors and acute care physicians, our team has intimate knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand healthcare systems.


Services are provided via a dedicated telephone number seamlessly, in your name, 24 hours a day. Your customers will appreciate our local knowledge, expertise and being close at hand when they need us most.


Our inbound services include:

24/7 Medical Assistance

Customer Care provides 24-hour roadside and home assistance in Australia and New Zealand.

In the event of a motor vehicle accident or breakdown, Customer Care is able to assist with:


  1. Monitoring of medical conditions
  2. Assessment of patients condition by Registered Nurse
  3. Locating the nearest suitable doctor, medical clinic, dentist or allied health professional
  4. Arranging doctor appointments, ambulance and hospital admissions
  5. Obtaining medical reports and hospital records
  6. Managing emergency air ambulance evacuations
  7. Provision of medical and non medical escorts and equipment including portable oxygen
  8. Making arrangements for the return of mortal remains
  9. Facilitating payment and guarantee of hospital bills
  10. Overseeing the dispatch of medications or medical supplies
  11. Keeping you, your customer, family members, employer or travelling companions fully informed.


24/7 Travel Assistance

  1. Dedicated in-house travel agency to make and re-arrange your customers travel bookings
  2. Multi-lingual operations plus interpretation services for additional languages
  3. Assisting with lost travel documents, money or luggage
  4. Obtaining police reports
  5. Arranging private investigators with experience in insurance fraud
  6. Re-arranging travel for unexpected delays or early return home
  7. Emergency message transmission and emergency funds transfer


With straightforward case fees based on the nature of the incident and intervention required and no mark ups on any third party costs, Customer Care is a cost effective solution for any travellers requiring assistance within Australia or New Zealand.


For more information, please download a brochure or contact us today for a quotation.


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