Corporate Protection Plans

Customer Care - Corporate Protection Service

Duty of care obligations of employers have become extremely onerous. In some countries, Directors and Senior Managers can be personally exposed to large fines and criminal prosecution.


When sending staff overseas you are potentially exposing them to dangers that may not be present at home. After all, unexpected illness, injury, terrorist attacks or natural disasters can happen anytime. Customer Care’s programs and experienced staff can help to mitigate the risk of overseas assignments and assist you in discharging your occupational health and safety obligations.


Protect Your Employees With Customer Care

Signing your employees up with Customer Care will reduce the risk of their getting into trouble whilst away and help to get them out of trouble if bad luck strikes.


Customer Care’s Corporate Protection Plan provides:


  • Emergency, 24/7 travel and medical assistance
  • Access to our extensive global network of clinics, hospitals, air ambulances, travel and transport providers
  • Urgent evacuation for medical or political reasons, including war or terrorism
  • Up-to-the-minute global security information whilst travelling - online or sent by email or SMS
  • Online resources to prepare your employees for travel, reducing their risk of illness or injury whilst overseas
  • Telephone counselling services for personal crises


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